The Independent Grand Priory of Helvetia works according to the Rectified Scottish Rite, and is a community of Freemasons which devotes itself especially to the tradition of Christian and Western values. A Freemason learns in his lodge to better understand himself, and to get along with the challenges of everyday life in a responsible and unprejudiced manner.

Using ritualistic ceremonies, borrowed from the practices of the ancient stonemasons and cathedral builders, he learns in steps the humanitarian philosophy which characterises Freemasons. The Independent Grand Priory of Helvetia is intended to provide support to experienced Freemasons who wish to continue their personal development.

The foundation for this are the teachings of Christianity in their original, non-dogmatic form. The Independent Grand Priory of Helvetia accepts Freemasons who commit themselves to these values. The man who is actively involved in the Independent Grand Priory of Helvetia can experience new motivation to live his own life with more awareness, to strengthen his own conscience, and to take on responsibility in the society around him. In the company of Freemasons from other lodges the individual is exposed to different perspectives, which lead to a view of life which is less rigid and more open-minded.

Sigilo Templi
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